Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday Supper

I suppose I should have started off with something super impressive. A decadent chocolate cake or a crazy pasta concoction that dirties every pan in the house. Instead - bread. And soup. 

The bread recipe isn't anything special. It's literally the one on the Gold Medal Wheat Flour bag. 

The recipe on the web isn't quite the same, but it's super close.

As for the roasted cauliflower soup, Sweet Paul made it look so pretty I just had to try it. That and Mr. S has recently discovered that roasted cauliflower won't kill him. In order to soften the blow, I added sliced sausage to the soup.

Soup recipe is from Sweet Paul's blog - then I added sausage. It was good.
However, most of the sausage sunk to the bottom of the bowl, leaving just a few pieces visible. After a spoonful, he said "you know, maybe if you cut the sausage smaller, you'd get some in every bite." He actually apologized after he reached the middle of the bowl and realized there was still a large amount of sausage left. Hah.

Then, to prove his undying love, he ate his weight in bread and butter. And did the dishes. That's love!

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