Monday, January 30, 2012

Chicken Sausage on the Cheap

Our local grocery had a massive sale on chicken this week. Chicken sausage, however, remained ridiculously expensive. What's a girl to do??

 Break out the Kitchen Aid. 
The whole 6 lb roasting chicken was deboned (which took me far too long. Next time I'm finding a how-to video) and run through the larger of the two grinding plates.

Voila! Ground chicken. Since I don't have any casings for sausage, I put up two bags of plain chicken to season later for use in Asian inspired meals. Mmmmm.

The rest got a bit of seasoning tossed in.

Onion, apricots, garlic powder, salt, pepper, sumac, ginger... just whatever was in the spice cabinet.

Toss it in and mix it up.

Run it through the grinder again (still on the large plate).

It was an incredibly funny thing to watch. My arms were pretty much up over my head, trying to shove meat into the grinder. For the next several day, my shoulders and neck ached! Next time - I'm getting a stool.

Nicely ground. Phew! I'm ready for dinner.

I tossed in some olives and served it over couscous. Mr. S had no problem eating a large portion of it. Even when I put roasted veggies on the plate!

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