Hi! I'm Megan. I'm nearish 30, live in San Jose, California, have a fondness for meringues, and have always enjoyed sharing what I make - including the recipes that come out of my kitchen.

I started this blog in January of 2012, four months after giving up my publishing job in Washington, DC, and following my heart and husband to California. I was unemployed and had far too much free time, so I figured I'd challenge myself. 

I could cook well enough - it runs in the family - but I'd never kept up any sort of writing schedule. Never could get past the first page of that purple sparkly diary.

But I've made it this far, and have no intention of quitting any time soon. I've slowed down quite a bit in my frequency of posts - having a baby will do that to you - but I still manage to find the time to whip up something every week or so. Between diaper changes.

I love my family, friends, and feeding them well. Enjoy the feast!

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