Monday, September 29, 2014

Cupcake Liner Flower Crown

Aren't flower crowns the perfect addition to every party?

They go with so many themes - fiesta, princess, fairy, renaissance fair, hippie, garden.... I could go on.

After checking the internet mall for made-by-someone-else crowns, and finding them much too expensive for our budget,  I decided to make my own.

I was inspired by these flower lights from Oh Happy Day -

And this flower crown from Mama. Pappa. Bubba. -

So I packed up The Bean and we headed to the craft store. I quickly decided that a ribbon base for the crowns wasn't going to be a good idea on wiggly one year-olds. But pipe cleaners could definitely hold on to small noggins.

Sequins were also ruled out - she'd totally eat them. So that's when the Oh Happy Day flowers looked like a good fit.

So really - I created my own style of crown that looks nothing like either of the ones I have pinned on my Birthday Board. Hah.

Is anyone surprised? I think not.

To start, gather your colorful cupcake liners. I used both regular size and mini. And pipe cleaners of your color choice, scissors, and a needle.

Turn the liners inside out, so the color is on the inside. Next, take some scissors to them. Leave some full size, cut some down to smaller circles, fold and cut petals of various shapes. Experiment and see what shapes you like.

Now assemble your flowers. Since my crowns are for small heads, I only needed 5 flowers per crown. For bigger heads I'd do 7 or 9.

Once your flower is completed fold it in half, then half again, then half again. Use a sharp needle to poke a biggish hole a 1/2 inch from the pointy tip. You need the hole to be large enough that you can get the flower on the pipe cleaner.

Jam the pipe cleaner through the hole - a tight fit ensures that it won't slide around.

Open up the flower and crinkle the petals as you like. Repeat for each flower.

I fit three flowers on one pipe cleaner and two on the other. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners together to form a crown that fits your head. Pipe cleaners are easily adjustable, and you can even attach ribbon to the back if you want.

So many options!

(The Bean was very interested in our sprinkler system. It was the only distraction that would keep her from immediately ripping the crown off her head)

Well, that didn't last long.

Her friend E, though, loved her crown. And by loved I mean was distracted enough by playing that she didn't notice she was wearing one...

Isn't she darling??? 

If you make one (or 10), I'd love to see them. Post a comment or link below!

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  1. How adorable, that's such a great way to use the cupcake wrappers as they're so pretty!