Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

I've seen it on practically everything now. Chalkboard walls, tiles, wine glasses. It's always struck me as curious how the whole thing works.

I loved the chalkboard in my classes at school. It had texture and character. I just can't see paint being able to replicate it.

So I bought Martha's version and gave it a go.

First, wipe down the jars and tape them off:

Now, 'cause I only have a mild case of perfectionism, a ruler and lines:

Not that I followed these, mind you. Merely suggestions my friends.

Now, on to the painting!
I put on a really thick coat, and then waited 4 hours for it to dry. Then came back for a second coat. This sucker is going to work!

Here's the finished product - though I don't actually have any chalk. So the writing comes later. It still looks weird, but we'll see! I'll keep you updated.

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