Friday, February 10, 2012

Crafty Friday - Thread Holder

It seems like I've seen a lot of creative ways to store thread on Pinterest lately. Canvases, dowels, chopsticks, all sorts! My mom uses a tackle box. Not the most attractive, but definitely functional. 

I opted for a more open-concept storage model. And one that I can re-purpose should I ever get too many spools.

The basics:

Plywood scrap, which I picked up for cheap at a hardware store. Screws and wire, should I need to hang it.

Covered with corks, which Mr. S and I collected for a year or two.... or a few months. Whatever you want to believe.

I used an epoxy to stick them on. That's what my dad said would hold best! (Yes, I call my daddy with "construction" questions. And it usually results with over-engineering. But it will live forever!)

Once it dried, I stuck nails in at an angle - using the ones with small heads so all the spools will slide over them easily.

And then I grouped thread colors together. Because they need to be. 

The board lives in my craft room, next to my yarn. 

And yes, the yarn is living in the styrofoam container that wine comes in when shipped. I painted it. And upholstered it. 

We're not alcoholics. I swear. 

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