Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Year Ago....

Happy Easter! It was a year ago that we first shared about little Miss B. Now, at nearly 7 months old, I can't even imagine life without her. We are blessed beyond belief.

It's a small, low-key holiday for us this year. Just enjoying the company of each other. My birthday (29! Eeek!) is tomorrow, and Mr. S took me to Fogo on Saturday to celebrate. It was spectacular. Dinner and a show, definitely. He also got me a bike. Woo hoo! 

Spring has been inspiring (and exhausting) me recently. I feel like there's so much potential. Which is both great and horrible at the same time. I could do this, and this, and this! But then I feel so pressured by all those plans that I end up doing nothing.... And by nothing, I mean playing with The Bean until we're both so tired that we end up lying on the floor in a heap. Here's to hoping I can muster a bit of productivity at some point.

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