Monday, September 16, 2013

Figgy Cake and Still Waiting...

I know, I know.  I've been delinquent on the blogging front.

I was so kindly reminded by multiple co-workers over the last few days "Where have all the treats gone?" "What happened to the miracle baked goods that always seemed to be near the coffee pot?" "DON'T YOU LOVE US ANYMORE??!?!?"

Well, let me tell you - I've been baking something pretty sweet. Just not the kind of thing I'm going to leave out on the counter in the office.

And we even picked out a name for our little cream puff:

Not eclair - just move the e from the beginning to the end.

Yes, I have stealthily named my first born after a French pastry. That's gotta give me super foodie status points or something. 

In any case. The fig trees in our back yard have been valiantly figging, regardless of whether we beat the ants to the fruit or not. But today, my friends. Today I beat the ants. 

And then I made cake. 

This cake. From one of my favorite food bloggers, Joy the Baker. 

And I added blue poppy seeds. Cause I had some, and I wanted the cake to have some whimsical polka-dots. Poppy seeds make all baked goods whimsical.   

Also - the cake took an extra 20 minutes to bake. So it was more like 40 minutes in the oven. Not that I was complaining. The smells coming from the kitchen were ridiculous.

Joy really has an awesome recipe here, great for people who like things simple. Or for people who are 9 months pregnant. I happen to fit into both categories at the moment. 

Slice figs.

Dries into bowl. Mix. 

Wets into other bowl. Mix. 

Wets into dries. Mix. 

Butter & flour pan. 

Pour in batter.Top batter with figs, almonds, and sugar. 



Go into labor. (I hope)

She's gotta come soon, right?? 


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