Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I feel like Winnie the Pooh these days. 

I'm definitely stuffed with far too much holiday fluff. And my nose keeps leading me to more sweet stuff. 

I'll probably get stuck in my doorway fairly soon. 

On Sunday, a bunch of friends gathered for a paella night. It was spectacular. I broke in the massive (42 cm) pan I had purchased a few months ago. $15 totally well spent. 

Although I did much of the directing, the group participated in much of the chopping, mixing, and cooking. They were quite proud of themselves. A few were even recording the steps so they could replicate at home. Awesome! 

We adapted my recipe for the larger pan, then added seafood. 

There was mousse for dessert. This mousse. 

Alton Brown is my favorite TV chef. He's brilliant, and I've never had a recipe of his turn out poorly. 

My team at work went to San Pedro Square Market, in downtown San Jose for our holiday feast on Monday. 

We ordered an amazing amount of food. I'm fairly certain I waddled out. 

And tomorrow we fly down to Houston to see my folks! Stay tuned for update from Texas.

We're also taking a mini vacation down to Mexico City after the holidays. We've already booked a Taco Tour from Eat Mexico. You guys are gonna be jealous! I promise photos - and perhaps a few recipes if I can sweet talk my way in. 

Let the holiday fluff continue!


  1. A taco tour is seriously the stuff that dreams are made of. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Sydney! I'm planning on packing an extra suitcase for the multiple molcajetes that will be joining us on the flight home. Plane tickets from NYC are probably fairly cheap... Spring break trip?