Monday, November 19, 2012

The Ultimate B(EA)LT

I am sick. 

*sniiiiiiiiff* *cough* *hack*

I hate being sick. I missed out on a lot of fun on Saturday, and instead made an even deeper divot on my couch. Then Sunday came, and there I was - stuck on the couch again. 


I don't like giving into the sickness. But at the same time, I don't want to share the evil that is this cold. So I stay in my house and knit. And make Mr. S pass along my most sincere apologies to all the folks I have to bail on. Sorry everyone!!!

It also means that I can't really cook. I don't have the concentration for much besides boiling water, and I don't want to spread the germies. However, my appetite hasn't been damaged one bit.

So - my choices seem to be amongst sandwiches. PBJ, grilled cheese... or...

a BLT! It's perfect. Mr. S is pretty good at frying bacon and chopping things, and I don't feel extremely guilty demanding that amount of skill from him. 

But wait - we have an avocado. And a few eggs. Perrrrrrfect. 

1. Cook bacon.


2. Slice tomato and avocado.Wash & dry lettuce.

3. Cook eggs.

4. Toast bread. 

5. Assemble! 
Thin smear of mayo on both toasts. 

Then lettuce, cup up. Slide scrambled eggs into the lettuce cup. 

Top with tomato slices. Add avocado slices to other toast. 

Top with bacon. 

While this didn't immediately cure my illness - I think it should have. 

Hopefully I manage to get better before Thanksgiving!!

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