Monday, September 3, 2012

Scavenger Brownies

There are some days when you need a little something. Like the final day of a three-day weekend, when every pot in the house is dirty.

You need something simple, yet complicated. Homey, yet fancy. Out of a box, but gussied up a bit. (This may or may not be an exact description of me....)

Mmmmm Hm. 

And perhaps you have a box of brownie mix and an itch to use a bit of everything in your cupboard.

This is a recipe for those days.

Dump into a bowl: boxed brownie mix - it really doesn't matter which brand. I typically buy whatever is on sale.

Add malted milk powder and cinnamon. (and nutmeg, extra tbsp of cocoa, hint of cayenne for heat)

Toss in the liquids - water, oil, eggs, and vanilla. (and almond extract, or peppermint extract)

Then the chocolate chips. (and nuts, coconut, chunks of candy bars, etc)

Bake for a good while. If you like them gooey, take 'em out early.

Top with ice cream and caramel. Or chocolate sauce. Or marshmallows. Or whipped cream. Or all of the above.....


Scavenger Brownies
Makes 1 pan

1 box of brownie mix
the amount of water specified by the box (1/4 c. )
the amount of oil specified by the box (2/3 c. )
the amount of eggs specified by the box (2)
1/2 c. malted milk powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
6-8 oz chocolate chips
If you want to add a few grates of nutmeg - go for it.
A bit of almond extract? feel free!
Have some coconut laying around? toss it in!

In a medium bowl, mix brownie mix, malted milk powder, cinnamon, and any other dry ingredient (but not the chocolate chips). Toss in the wet ingredients. Mix with a few turns.

In 3 turns, mix in the chocolate chips. Bake in a greased 9x9 pan for about 40 minutes.

Eat with ice cream, various sauces, and anything else you feel like throwing in....

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