Monday, September 24, 2012

Grilled Fruit with Blue Cheese

Did you have a good weekend? I did.

Mr.S and I made the drive up to Oakland and snacked ourselves silly at the Eat Real festival. It was awesome. 
We got there around 11:30 am. I hadn't eaten breakfast, and thus was ravenous. 

We started at the first booth we saw, and progressively ate: Antichuchos de Corazon (Peruvian beef heart skewer) with purple potato on lettuce; a charcuterie plate of duck liver pate with fennel slaw, pickles, and mustard; Mexican chorizo taco; Lumpia "Shanghi" (Filipino fusion streetfood) ; and half a Lechon burrito (also Filipino fusion streetfood). I ended up buying a Kouign Amann (more on that soon) to eat later that afternoon. 

Lumpia "Shanghi" - aka Delicious Pork Rolls

Needless to say - we had no desire to eat a very big dinner. 

So we made these!

Take a semi-hard fruit (we had pears and plums) and core them so there's a nice little divot in the center. 

Place the fruit cut side down and grill for 7-10 minutes, so that they have nice marks and are soft-ish. Turn over and put blue cheese crumbles in the center. 

Tent with foil and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat and keep tented for another few minutes, until the cheese is nice and melty-ish. 

Grab a jar of your favorite chutney, jelly, or jam and spoon a bit on top. 

These would be great on top of a salad, perhaps with some sort of roasted nut. We were too tired to go to the store to get any of that, so we just ate them by themselves. 

There weren't any leftovers. 

Grilled Fruit with Blue Cheese

Pears, plums, apples, peaches, whatever semi-hard fruit you want
Blue cheese crumbles
chutney, jam or jelly

Slice your fruit in half and remove the stone or scoop out the core with a melon baller. 

Place fruit cut-side down on the grill. Grill for at least 7-10 minutes, or until grill marks form and fruit is softened a bit. Turn over and place blue cheese in the middle hole. Tent with foil and cook for another several minutes, until cheese is slightly melted. Remove from heat and continue to tent them until ready to serve. 

Spoon a bit of chutney or jam in the centers and serve.

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