Friday, July 13, 2012

Rumberry Frappe

It is ridiculously hot outside. The palms are wilting. I didn't know palms could wilt. 

Oh wait - maybe they're melting?!?!

Can palm trees melt?

And - to make things even better - my apartment doesn't have air conditioning. 

Thus, while I was standing in my kitchen, trying to figure out how to put my bed in the freezer, I spotted some strawberry ice cream. 

It went immediately into the blender. 

Strawberries, on sale at the local grocery store, found their way into the blender too. Duh. 

Next, I found this weird carton of coconut milk while last perusing the dairy aisle. It's delicious, and has fewer calories than 1% milk. Oh, heck yes. 

Blend that up!

Now, while it's blending, pour in some of the rum that's been looking at you longingly.

Whoa. Maybe I'll survive the heat after all!

Rumberry Frappe
Makes 2

3 large scoops of strawberry ice cream
1/2 c. coconut milk (plus a tbsp or so, as needed)
5-8 strawberries
2 tbsp rum

Put everything into a blender. Blitz. 


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