Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wow. What a year.

This was a pretty amazing year. 

The second year of my blog, and though I was no where near as consistent in my posting... I was definitely still baking. Including baking a small human Bean.

Miss B was all of 4 cells, I believe, when this picture was taken. 

Mr. S and I explored the pyramids and tacos of Mexico. We even had what perhaps could be called a religious experience eating Mole.

Then we discovered the Bean and things got more complicated. 

I made delicious things like....

and reeeeeeally good Panna Cotta.

We bought a house.

Then I made even more delicious things in my new kitchen. Once it got organized.

Almond Fig Cake, using the figs from the backyard. 

Chile Chocolate Bundt Cake, using chocolate from the cupboard. 

At the end of September, we had our biscuits honeyed by the entry of sweet Miss B.

And now, three months later, I can say that while I might soon have share spatula-licking duties - there is no one else I'd rather give that last smudge of icing to.

Here's to a very sweet 2014,

From me, Mr. S, and the illustrious Bean

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